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At High Street Runway we want to provide you with a wardrobe of affordable, luxury items that can be hired from reliable and experienced renters.

An exclusive selection of our popular renters have now been given Premium star status so that you know where to go when you want to hire from the best. Hire Empire, Only Designer Hire, and The Look Hire are just some of the many gorgeous renters whose listings are now premium.

How to become a Premium Renter

Premium renters consistently display superior qualities on the App. They list popular and well priced items, are fast to respond to enquiries, provide excellent customer service, always ensure an enjoyable hiring experience, and maintain a minimum four star rating. By highlighting these owners we wish to always provide our users with a high quality experience that matches the statement outfit

We've only rolled out this program in Brisbane and will be extending to the rest of Australia soon. If you think this is you, reach out to us so we can get to know you. Acceptance to the program is by invitation only.

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