• How It Works


    Download the App and create your personal or business account.


    Refine your search or get inspiration from the latest listings on our home page.


    Put in as many enquires as you like and use our chat function to sort the detail.


    Pay through us and be protected by our terms and conditions.


    Have a great night and return it. Cleaning is included in the price.

  • High Street Runway is a community built for people renting, selling, lending and buying clothes. Become a renter and earn some money - if you already rent on your socials start a shop - lend from others and switch up your look for less or offload one wear wonders you no longer use. It's totally free to use, we don't take a commission.

    Download the High Street Runway app and browse as a guest or create an account. If you have a Google account, Facebook or Twitter you can tap the button and it collects all your details and creates an account for you.

    Use the search button to refine your search. If you see a wardrobe you like, click the heart and follow them. If you see something your friend might like, use the share button and send it to them.



    You can make much more from renting your clothes than selling them - particularly if you have a rare item which has sold out online. Just as it's more affordable to lend an item for an event and be seen in something new every time.


    Before you start listing, dress up your profile. We recommend you use bits from your Instagram or SnapChat profiles so you are easily found.


    Now it’s time to load your first item …. you’ll have to fill out some information like description, size, price, replacement value, photos and payment details. It’s all pretty straightforward, but we’ve added some instructions if you need some help.


    So you've found something you'd like to lend, you can contact the owner through the chat tab and negotiate price and delivery you can then confirm and pay for the booking. The first time, you will be asked to nominate a payment method which can be either a bank account or PayPal.

  • BUYing / SELLing CLOTHES

    Clean out your wardrobe and list your underloved items to sell.


    It works same as renting, you'll be asked to choose between sell and rent when creating your listing. You can edit your order at any time and discuss the transaction with the buyer via our chat function. Then it's as easy as paying for and delivering the item.


    It's easy to switch between renting and selling and it's as easy as editing the listing. Perfect for when you want to retire your items.


    Already renting on your socials but don’t have the cash to build a full-scale website? We hear you … they cost thousands of dollars which is a big outlay for a small business. The app has all the functionality of a rental website including a booking calendar, message centre, holiday mode and an awesome payment gateway. We've even allowed for discounts and shipping costs. Don't get caught in a scrolling nightmare finding the outfits you listed on Facebook and Instagram. Keep it in order and watch your business grow.



    Transact payments through the app and have us protect you. We have a system which means you do not have to request a bond and adds security renting to people you don't know. All transactions are recorded in the wallet on the dashboard.


    When you agree on price and delivery, the lender will be prompted to confirm and pay for the booking. The money is placed in trust with us until the item is received. From here you click the item received button (you can remind each other to do this via the chat function) the money will be automatically paid into your nominated bank account.


    We use PayPal to pay for the rentals and we ask you to nominate a bank account for us to pay your earnings into.


    Bookings completed through the app will be asked to give the other party a star rating. We're alerted if you get one and two stars and you may be struck off. Aim for the stars … all five of them… it means everyone is enjoying the experience.

    When reviewing an item as a borrower or a renter make sure you:

    1. Are accurate and honest about your rental experience.
    2. Are not incentivised (bribed) by a promise of payment or discounts.


    Please note, you won't be able to earn your stars and we can't mediate on your behalf if we find you have had an inquiry through the app and then taken it to another platform like Instagram or Facebook or you have paid for the transaction with cash.


    We expect you will not post content that:

    1. Is defamatory, obscene, vulgar, threatening, harassing or offensive language or comments
    2. Is blatant advertising – sure link in your favourite designers and labels but please no commercial content that encourages rentals to take place elsewhere. For example if you have your own rental website, by all means list your products and take bookings on the app, don't push them back to the website.

    3. Spam – yuck who wants spam – say no to unwanted contact, or content that is shared repeatedly in a disruptive manner.
    4. Endorses or promotes anything which is illegal or harmful – keep it clean.
    5. Is mean and not nice about another person – in legal terms this is considered discriminatory or attempts to impersonate someone else, another member or a shop (eg: don’t call yourself Princess Polly because you’re not).
    6. Is illegal or violates another person’s or entity’s rights, including intellectual property rights and privacy right.
    7. This one’s really important – don’t ever, ever, EVER give information about someone else’s location – do all of this communicating via the messenger function on the app – it could be dangerous and put the other persons’ safety at risk.
    8. Is incorrect meaning dishonest, fraudulent, false, misleading or deceptive.

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