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Returns Policy

All users must comply with this returns policy which the High Street Runway (HSR) App will enforce to protect renters and lenders. We allow users to choose the length of the rental period which can be negotiated and is agreed to once the booking is confirmed and paid for via the payment gateway. We recommend users discuss what’s expected via the in-app messenger service.

If the item can not be returned as expected we ask the lender to contact the renter/owner via our messenger system to discuss. In some cases, the owner may charge a late fee which can be paid directly to the owner or via the Request Money feature on the App. HSR may act on behalf of the renters and charge the card kept on file or send an invoice. Unpaid invoices will be passed on to a debt-collection service with collection costs recoverable.

Late fees can be charged by the day or by loss of future earnings. If the item is not returned the lender will be charged a replacement value. This is considered theft and if no action is taken, HSR may provide the owner with all the information needed to report this to the police.

If an item is not delivered on time, the lender should ask the owner for a refund which can be issued by a click of the button on the App. This must be actioned before Item Received is pressed or the last day of hire. Read how to issue a refund to a customer here.

Please note, once an item is lodged with Australia Post they are responsible for delivery.

HSR relies on both renters and lenders sending and returning items in a timely manner.

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