Love the idea of renting out your stunning pieces but don't have the time? Enlist the help of a verified HSR wardrobe coordinator!


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  • Do you have multiple on-trend items hanging in your wardrobe perfect for renting, but don't have time to manage the rental process? Then enlist the help of a verified HSR Wardrobe Coordinator. We'll help you find your perfect match, once you've consented to a relationship, all you do is send them a selection of your items. They’ll manage the full listing and rental process for you, leaving nothing for you to do apart from making money! All bookings will be made through the App so you are covered by our terms and conditions.


    One of our premium renters Dressed By Zah has combined wardrobes with another premium renter Holly Erzetich while she spends time overseas. It was super easy to transfer the products to Zah by contacting the High Street Runway team and she is managing Holly’s bookings for a cut of the rental price. This also increases Zah's portfolio without having to outlay money for new outfits.


    If you do not have an account on the App, your preferred Wardrobe Coordinator team will set up your listing on their page. If you provide photos, they'll advertise on their Instagram pages as well.


    We've got relationships with these girls and they know how it works. This is a great side hustle for people and we'd love it to go Australia-wide.


    If you would like to find a Wardrobe Coordinator or become one please click the relevant link below. Will be assessed on a case by case basis.


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