• How It Works



    Find an outfit for your friends to hire



    Send the link to get $10 when they hire



    Bank up your $$ and redeem on your next hire

  • Setting the scene... your bestie has left her outfit to the last minute and is having a crisis over what she is going to wear to her ball this weekend. After a quick search through the High Street Runway App, you’ve found the perfect dress for Lucy! This is where our new referral button comes into play.


    Hit the button to share the outfit and begin to Send & Save. This will send Lucy your unique referral link to enter when she hires the dress. If Lucy uses your link and books an outfit, you will receive $10 in your HSR account for you to save and redeem later.


    Now that Lucy is a member she can refer more friends and save as well. Imagine this you have referred six friends and now have $60 (a free hire) in Send & Save dollars on your next hire. It's kind of like a pyramid scheme, but a good one!


    * Vouchers are valid for two weeks so check your dashboards for updates.


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