• Sarah Rodgers or @fromsar on Instagram is our newest First Collection designer! Sarah discovered her love for design and fashion in high school where she would sew in home economics class. Upon graduating, Sarah began making dresses and cute outfits with her overlocker. Inspired by current fashion trends, Sarah has created her own version of cute summery outfits perfect to wear out with friends! Her collection could be described as cute and girly and designed with on-trend style cuts. 

    Sarah is pictured to the left wearing one of her designed sets and can't wait to see you in them. Wear one of her "one of a kind dresses" to your next event!



  • White Mini Dress

    Orange Mini Dress

    Pink Bias Satin Dress

    Teal Mini Dress

    Yellow Set

    Light Pattern Maxi Dress

    Black Bias Satin Dress


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