Uploading items to rent


    UPLOAD +

    Click the dashboard button and click the upload button.



    You’ll be asked to fill out few sections:

    Short descripiton means what your item is e.g.: Levi’s Adele Denim Jacket/ Camilla playsuit. To avoid having 100’s of denim jackets come up in searches – make your listing stand out and include the style name or some other point of difference. For example: Zimmerman Folly Sunday Dress, if you don’t know the exact style name include a colour and a feature e.g.: Zimmerman burgundy wrap playsuit.

    The longer description is a spot for you for extra information like fabric, fit, features and condition. It’s a good idea to say how you find the fit e.g.: if it’s a small which would suit up to a size 12 – say so. And if it’s a 10 that really only fits a size 8, say so. You might find it easier to say what size you are and how it works for you. “I’m a size 10 and this dress fits me well at the top but is a bit loose at the waist and I like to style it with a belt”. Give a few styling tips and some inspiration BUT you only get 500 characters so make the most of them.

    You’ll be asked to fill in some checkboxes which will be: where are you going? (e.g. party), gender, item eg: dress, jacket, jeans, location, size, designer, colour, price range.



    First figure out your rental price, per rental period. This is entirely up to you to negotiate with the lender. If it’s a formal dress you may organise a rental period of a few weeks and if it’s a party outfit just the week-end.

    One of the easiest ways to set your price, think of how much it cost and charge a percentage. We recommend if you have an item that cost less $100 charge between $10-$20 per rental, depending on how rare it is and if it sold out. No matter how much the item cost, charge a minimum of $15 – it’s hardly worth the effort otherwise. If it costs more than $100 we think 10% and above would be a good starting point. Of course, there are other factors affecting price – it may be sold out, rare, vintage or custom made, all of which could justify a higher rental fee.

    Sometimes next day pick up might not be possible, it’s up to you to negotiate with the renter a fair price. For example, Holly borrows Indee’s dress on a Friday but she sees her at sport on Tuesday night when it’s easier to drop off and return. Indee only charges Holly the overnight rental even though she’s had it for a week. This would be completely different if Holly wanted to wear the dress on Saturday night and again on the Thursday night. Just be honest and upfront with one another – after all we can all see what everyone else is doing on social media.


    Example rental prices could be:

    RRP less than $100 $15-$20

    RRP $100 – 200 $20-$30

    RRP $200- $300 $30-$60

    RRP $300+ $60+


    This is a guide only and you can adjust the prices at any time. Maybe start a bit lower so your listing looks good value for money and go from there.



    We ask you to list a replacement value when you list your item. If it’s brand new and you’ve only worn it once, it’s OK to put in the amount you paid for it. If you’ve worn / rented it a few times, it’s not fair to expect someone to pony up full price. For example, Holly has a $200 dress and she’s worn it four times and rented it for $20 three times she might put a replacement value of $120. Full replacement value should only be charged if your piece can no longer be worn. See our Damage section for more info.



    Great photos are really important. You can pop up to five photos per item. Make sure your photos reflect your style and show off your product to its best. We recommend front, back and side shots and some of it’s best details. This may be a close up of the fabric or detailing. A fully styled shot will also provide inspiration. There are a few filters you can use to make your photo pop, otherwise, do some editing on iPhoto or Visco. Just make sure your photos look like a true representation of the colours .



    If you’re not 100% happy with your listing you can save it as a draft and come back to it later.



    You can edit, turn on or off or completely delete your listing at any time by finding your items for hire in your profile section.



    Uploading multiple items onto the app can be quite the process, especially if you have a whole shop of fantastic pieces. High Street Runway now offers a bulk upload service, where we upload all the items for you. Simply enquire for a quote and then fill out a description form about the items and we will create your new hire shop on the app!

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