• Refunds and Cancellation Policy



    Penalty free refunds can be issued at the request of the owner/renter via the contact form on the App. Each "Shop" will have its own policies about refunds and cancellations, lenders are prompted to ask about this when using the in-app messenger service.


    Booking payments are held in trust until the item is delivered and the lender clicks ITEM RECEIVED on the booking order. Lenders should only trigger payment once they've received the item to their satisfaction.


    High Street Runway reserves the right to issue a refund if:

    - this item is not delivered on time

    - the item is not as described

    - the item is dirty and unsanitary.


    For us to consider the refund, the issue must be bought to our attention within 12 hours of receiving the item. If required, please take photographs and send to the owner via our in-app messaging service. Most issues can be solved between clear and honest communication between both parties.


    HSR App maintains the right to issue a full or partial refund at our discretion.




    Bookings can only be canceled on the App by the owner/renter whereby they can request a refund on the lenders behalf. Booking dates can be changed on the App as an alternative to canceling the booking.


    All discussion about cancelations and refunds must be on our messenger service. Users are prompted to discuss refunds and cancellations when making a booking enquiry.

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