Those who are hustling to get extra cash, extra work, and think extra creatively when trying to achieve their dream job or business. Welcome to High Street Hustle, an official facebook group for those to advertise, promote and exchange with others their side hustle business. Don’t think narrow minded here - Let’s run through some side hustle businesses we would love to come join our FB group.


    • Makeup artist / hair styler 
    • Grazing tables
    • Balloon Garlands 
    • Babysitting 
    • Tutoring 
    • Car cleaning
    • Photographer 
    • Freelance creative 
    • Bakers
    • Alterations 
    • Fashion & Crafts
    • & so much more


    Don’t have a side hustle? You are also always welcome to join too, we of course need some shoppers! Once added to the facebook group, invite and accept your FB friends, the more the merrier! We want this group to be a friendly space where you can support and transform a side hustle into a successful small business!

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