Find something quick and easy that is in your local area.

    Do you normally find yourself with Friday night fever and absolutely nothing to wear?! Or maybe the guy you really like has asked you out on a last-minute date? Don’t stress, on the High Street Runway App, you can rent any of our designer outfits from your local area just in time for the weekend!

    Here is how to last-minute hire:

    • Use our search bar to filter your search by location - you can narrow your search to 1km from your home. Choose the distance you are willing to travel and click search to find available outfits in your local area. 
    • Complete your order with our cashless payment portal to secure your booking instantly.
    • Choose contactless pick-up and drop-off, so you can quickly swing by and grab your outfit.
    • Use our camera feature on our chat to add photos of pick-up and drop-off points if needed.
    • Turn heads in your last-minute stunning outfit!
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