Hustle the right way and follow these tips to secure more hires!

    • Use high-quality photos - Create a story with your photos to deliver the dream
    • Have competitive pricing - Check out what similar outfits are being priced at and match or beat that pricing 
    • Be descriptive - Tell the girls what your favourite features are and details about the fit 
    • Communication is key - Be responsive if you do not reply quickly users will shop elsewhere. 
    • Keywords - Have the right keywords in your title, is it the Zimmermann Pink Dress or the Zimmermann Lovelorn Dress.  
    • Try ons - Girls love to try on before hiring, if you’re worried about no shows you can ask the girl to pay first and then process a refund if she isn’t happy with the fit
    • Get ratings and reviews - Ask people to rate your account after the hire, a 5-star review indicates that you deliver a high-quality service 
    • Spell the brand correctly - Bec + Bridge not Bec and Bridge, this helps girls find your listing easier when they search
    • Ask your clients to tag us in their photos - We share these as a story with a direct link to your product on the App

    • Ask us for a custom link for your socials - It opens on your shop on the App

    • Use the referral links - You’ll earn $10 every time someone creates a new account and makes a booking

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