Search, book and pay for a rental in just a few clicks!

    Say goodbye to outfit repeating and endless scrolling through social media by using the High Street Runway App to rent your next outfit. Search and compare the prices of on-trend pieces from without breaking the bank. Here are some stand out features!



    Our easy to use search bar might just be our favourite feature of the High Street Runway App. The search bar allows you to search by keywords (such as the outfit name), designer, colour, size, event type, user and more. Add in your location, school or uni to find something close by. Make sure you reset the search bar between searches for the best results. To learn more about the search bar check out our blog post.



    Once you've narrowed your search, place some booking enquiries with the owner. We suggest making a few and choosing the one that works best. There are no rules as to how long you can hire so put in your preferred dates. Use our chat function to discuss the detail.



    We send notifications about every stage of the booking ... when you receive a message, booking accepted, payment made, booking started and completed. It is very important you turn these on to ALWAYS for the duration of the booking. We use the same messaging system as Instagram and Facebook and never send you advertising or spam.



    If you see something you love press the red heart which will place the listing in your wishlist so you can find it later! We have a ‘NEW’ section that updates with new listings every day, check it regularly so you can claim latest arrivals! Check back to your favourites section when you are looking for a last-minute hire for quick inspo of looks you’ve loved.



    It’s easier than ever to share outfit inspo with your friends! Click the icon and you can share by text, email, Facebook, Messenger or Snapchat. The message will include a unique referral link your friend can use when signing up and if they make a booking a $10 voucher will be popped into your account.



    Manage everything through the app dashboard. All your bookings and enquiries are recorded here and can be accessed in an instant!



    If the renter lives close by, ask if you can try on the item before committing to the booking. Alternatively, if the renter lives in a different city ask for a 24 hour trial of the outfit for an additional cost to cover shipping.



    When paying for your item it is important that you communicate and pay on the app. By using our payment portal we can track your booking and mediate if there are any problems. Our payment portal is hosted through PayPal and payments are held in a trust until the item is delivered so if it does not arrive or is not as described we can refund back to you. You do not need a PayPal account to hire and outfit, our portal allows you to log in as a guest. To learn more about payments check out our blog post.



    To ensure everyone has the best experience using the High Street Runway App, you will be prompted to rate your rental experiences! Users are rated on their response time, ease of booking, and timeliness for item delivery. Ratings help us keep everyone safe on the app.




    It's easier than ever to share outfit inspo with your friends! Click the share icon and you can share by text, Messenger, Snapchat, AirDrop or even Email if you're feeling old-fashioned.

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