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  • Apr 12, 2024
  • by Felix La Spina
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Dresses for Days

Fashion is an expression, a statement, and a joyous celebration wrapped into one. In 2024, we are slated to observe trends that redefine our day-to-day wardrobe choices, especially when it comes to dresses. Gone are the days when dresses were hung in the closet waiting for that ‘special occasion.’ We’re about to see a renaissance of the dress as an everyday staple, versatile enough for any event, mood, or hour.

With young women between 18 and 25 years being the primary movers and shakers of fashion, High Street Runway is leading the charge, encouraging us to rent outstanding outfits that once seemed unattainable. Join us as we unravel the must-have fashion trends for 2024, all while keeping it chic, affordable, and sustainable by renting.

Every Day, A Dress Day

Step back from your basic staples and invite a whirlwind of fresh air with statement-making minis or confident silhouettes that mean business. 2024 champions the dress as the frontline of fashion simplicity with a single-garment ensemble, sparing the hassle of pairing tops with bottoms.

Transition seamlessly from a professional avatar to your vibrant evening version with a switch-up of accessories and layers. With services like High Street Runway, indulge in high fashion without pinching your wallet – rent that dreamy dress for a fraction of the retail price.

Peach Fuzz: The Colour Trend of 2024

Pantone’s declaration of “Peach Fuzz” as the Colour of the Year is a sweet harbinger of the tones to dominate the fashion palette. This gentle hue symbolizes community, collaboration, and a collective spirit. Expect breezy fabrics and charming prints to be basked in this tender shade, adding a layer of kindness to fashion narratives.

Channel this peachy tone into your everyday wear or make a bold appearance at a summer soirée; 2024 is about letting these warm, nurturing colors take the forefront.

From Runway to Your Wardrobe

It’s all well and good to have your eyes set on the best wedding guest dresses or the savvy street-style picks on High Street Runway. But staying aware of brands that excel in creating exquisite dresses is the true mark of a fashion enthusiast in the know. Here’s a curation of Australian Fashion Designers setting the trend in 2024:


  • Manning Cartell: makes considered contemporary clothing with a conscience.

  • SIR: Minimalism and simplicity, redefined.

And not forgetting the likes of Bec + Bridge, Aje, Arcina Ori, and Zimmermann, who continue to weave magic with their trendsetting designs.

Rent the Trend

The smart fashionista of 2024 isn’t just into owning luxury; it’s about experiencing it. Why buy when you can rent and revel in a spectrum of styles? Renting offers a sustainable alternative to the fast-paced consumerism of fashion, allowing you to flaunt the latest runway trends without commitment.

Outfits from Christopher Esber, known for his intricate detailing, or Natalie Rolt with its fluid, ethical designs, await to adorn you for any fleeting moment’s notice.


We’ve entered a year where fashion has become accessible, ethical, and overwhelmingly vibrant. High Street Runway beckons you to be a part of this revolution—where a dress is not just a garment but a canvas of your personality. Whether draped in Peach Fuzz or striding confidently in designs from Helsa Studio, make 2024 your year of limitless fashion experiences.

Keep refreshing with us for more troughs and crests of the fashion world, as we promise to be your compass through the dazzling labyrinth of 2024’s fashion trends.

Remember, it’s always the right occasion to be your fabulous self.

Stay tuned for more in-depth explorations of each designer and how to style their signature pieces to perfection. And in the meantime, visit High Street Runway to turn your everyday into a runway


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