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To secure a booking, use our Try-On or Deposit feature! We know half our bookings request try-ons which can be hard to keep track of. Users can now book a try-on date and time and, if helpful, secure a fee that can either be deducted from the hire price or refunded if it does not work out. This feature can also be used to take a deposit for a booking, handy if a customer wants to book an outfit but needs a bit of extra time to pay.
It’s important to remember that if a booking is not paid for within 48 hours, the booking is automatically cancelled. This is when our Try-On/Deposit feature comes in handy, as it’s a great way to secure a booking until the renter has the chance to come and Try-On!


It’s very common for customers to request try-ons and we get it. You want to look your best. Some people offer try-ons and some don’t. Some offer contactless try-ons and some are happy to do a postal option. Before asking, check to see the shop policies in the bio.

If an owner agrees to a try-on, a date and time can be agreed upon and attached to the booking summary. Some owners will request a try-on fee which gives the owner confidence customers will turn up at the agreed time.  Some are happy to lock in a try-on date and progress the booking without taking any payment which marks off the try-on date and the event dates on the booking calendar.

If the try-on is successful, the balance will be requested by the owner to be paid via our payment portal. If it does not suit, the owner can cancel the booking and refund the fee or keep the fee if a customer has not turned up for the try-on. Once it is cancelled, the item will become available again. Cancellations can be made up until 24 hours before the try-on date.

Keep in touch with the owner about the booking and if you need to change the date and time, the owner can edit these on the booking summary.


Deposits can really help with conversions. Some might like to split payments, especially for a higher-cost item. It’s a brilliant way to lock in a booking with a downpayment. It’s a great thing to ask.

We have time limits on our bookings, owners have 36 hours to accept a booking and the customer has 48 hours to pay once accepted. These limits can be tight for some users so asking for a deposit to secure the booking will take the pressure off.

Owners can charge as little as $1 for a deposit to have a hold put on the item and the balance can be requested on an agreed date. This will mark the item off on the booking calendar saving time so you don’t get other enquires for those dates.

The deposit feature can only be accessed by the owner who edits the booking summary and chooses  TRY-ON FEE/DEPOSIT as the delivery method. A date for full payment must be chosen, we recommend a day or two before the booking.

These can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the final payment date and can be refunded. Once cancelled, the item will become available again.

Like every confirmed booking, the try-on fee and deposits are subject to our 10% service fee.




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