Save $15 On Your First Premium Rental Afterpay

Hustle the right way and follow these tips to secure more hires on your listings!

Use high-quality photos Create a story with your photos to deliver the dream. The photos that perform the best on our Instagram are genuine, fun and authentic. We would advise against using the brand’s model photos as our users prefer photos of real girls in the outfits. Customers want to be able to imagine themselves in the outfit. 
Have competitive pricingCheck out what similar outfits are being priced at and match or beat that pricing. Try to think about how much would you be willing to actually pay for the outfit. 
Be descriptive – Tell the customer what your favourite features of the outfit are and describe how the outfit fits on the body. You might also want to give advice on what accessories may highlight the outfit and really put it together i.e a cute bag, white sneakers. 
Communication is key Be responsive! If you do not reply quickly users will shop elsewhere. Make sure your App notifications are turned on. 
Keywords Ensure your outfit is labelled correctly. Is it the Zimmermann Pink Dress or the Zimmermann Lovelorn Dress? The incorrect or misspelled keyword can be the difference between your listing being found and not. 
Try ons Girls love to try on before hiring. If you’re worried about no shows you can ask the girl to pay first a deposit and then process a refund if she isn’t happy with the fit
Get ratings and reviewsAsk people to rate your account after the hire, a 5-star review indicates that you deliver a high-quality service. 
Spell the brand correctlyBec + Bridge, not Bec and Bridge. This helps girls find your listing easier when they search. Also, make sure you include the full brand name. 
Ask your customers to tag us in their photos We share their posts across our socials with a direct link to your product on the website.
Ask us for a custom link for your socials – You can put it in your shop Instagram bio and it opens your shop on the website and App.
Use the referral linksYou’ll earn $10 every time someone creates a new account and makes a booking. 

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Receive $15 off your first premium rental.