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High Street Runway is not just a fashion platform; it’s a vibrant community connecting wardrobes across Australia and New Zealand. Dive into the world of effortless renting, buying, or selling on-trend pieces with just a few clicks. The more fashion enthusiasts join, the more closets open up for you. So, spread the word to all your friends!

What is High Street Runway?

High Street Runway isn’t just a clothing rental and purchasing app – it’s a thriving community. Downloadable from the App Store and Google Play on any mobile or Android device, HSR lets you explore tens of thousands of clothing listings. Some are for rent, others for sale, providing a vast selection curated by users and shops. We act as the middleman, creating a platform for users across Australia to share outfits for rent and make some extra cash. Once you join, you can shop or list your wardrobe effortlessly.

How to Join High Street Runway?

Downloading the High Street Runway app from the App Store or Google Play is the first step. Create an account for seamless outfit rentals or to showcase your designer dresses for rent or sale. Setting up your account is a breeze – check out our step-by-step guide here!

Can I Make Bookings on your Instagram?

No, bookings happen exclusively on the High Street Runway app. While our Instagram showcases our rental selection, the app is where you connect with owners and finalise your outfit choices.

Do I Have to Rent Out My Clothes?

No, you don’t have to rent out your clothes to use the app. With thousands of dresses available for hire, you can easily find the perfect outfit. However, if you have cute items in your wardrobe, why not share them on the app? You can rent and lend clothes from the same account.

How to Start a Rental Shop?

When signing up, make your shop name your username and shop logo. Fill in your bio with any refund or late returns policies. Ensure your shop’s name is authentic and doesn’t impersonate someone else – originality is key!

How to Rent an Item?

Spot something you love? Check the calendar, contact the renter through our chat function, discuss details, and once everything’s sorted, the renter accepts the order, and you can make the payment.

The Outfit I Want Isn’t Showing Up?

No worries! If the item is not on the app, the owner may have removed it. Use our search bar to find other fabulous looks.

Why Use the High Street Runway App?

Say farewell to outfit repeating! Our app lets you rent on-trend designer pieces without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a fashionista seeking unique styles or a rental business owner, High Street Runway offers access to a community of 60,000 users, top-quality technology, and expert support for seamless transactions. Join us for a stylish and hassle-free experience!

Why you should pay through the App?

For your safety on the app, use our payment portal to lock in and track your order. Owners only get paid upon your satisfaction, confirmed by the “ITEM RECEIVED” button. We offer prompt refunds for late deliveries or discrepancies. Owners bear a 10% service fee, already factored into the price, ensuring no extra cost for you. Cash payments are strictly prohibited for your protection, and any such requests should be reported.

Our mediation is firm and impartial, boasting a 100% success rate for your peace of mind. Secure transactions are facilitated through PayPal for payment, while rental payouts require your bank details, ensuring funds can only be deposited, not withdrawn. Your security is our priority.

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Receive $15 off your first premium rental.