Save $15 On Your First Premium Rental Afterpay



Have you ever purchased on an online marketplace only to be scammed and lose your money? Or maybe you hired out your expensive formal dress for it to be returned in a terrible condition and the renter had no obligation to pay damages. High Street Runway has safety features that protect you when hiring or buying through the App so this never happens.

Here are some reasons you should ALWAYS keep bookings on the HSR App.

  • Protection from Scams: Our app includes safety features that safeguard your transactions, preventing you from falling victim to scams and losing money.
  • No Guarantees Off-App: Some owners may offer lower rental prices if you make payments off the app. However, doing so means there’s no guarantee that your item will be delivered on time or as described, and getting a refund becomes incredibly challenging.
  • Protection with T&Cs: When you use our payment portal, you’re protected by our Terms and Conditions. We can track the entire booking process and release your funds to the owner only when you confirm receipt by pressing the “ITEM RECEIVED” button. In case of issues, we can override and issue a refund if the item isn’t delivered on time or as described.
  • Inability to Assist Off-App: Unfortunately, if you pay or accept cash or bank transfers, we can’t assist you if something goes wrong. We receive daily messages from users seeking help with bookings made outside the app, but we can no longer provide support in such cases.
  • Say No to Off-App Payments: If someone requests payment through cash or bank transfer, decline. Protect yourself from scams by making all your payments through the app.

If you suspect someone isn’t acting in good faith, please let us know at [email protected]. Your vigilance helps keep our community secure.

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Receive $15 off your first premium rental.