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Brisbane, Queensland

Tiarna is one busy bee, she is finishing High School, doing a traineeship and runs Short and Sweet Hire, one of our most successful shops on the app. She’s totally over it and has grown her business from a few pieces to over 40 in just a few months. Her pieces are on trend and very well priced and regularly rented. Any booking enquiries she gets through other platforms she pushes through the app to be covered by our terms and conditions. What a superstar!

When did you get started with your rental business?

Before Short and Sweet Hire, I loved buying gorgeous dresses and wanted to continue to expand my collection. I started my hiring business in March 2019.

What was your motivation?

I noticed hiring has become very popular and thought it seemed like a great way to earn money. If you are only going to wear a $250 dress once or twice, hiring it out for an affordable price is an excellent idea. I aim to keep my items very affordable so many girls can look and feel great - at a low cost.

How many pieces do you rent?

I currently have 40+ items available to hire and am constantly adding new pieces to my collection.

What do you think your collection is worth?

I have purchased many outfits for $120-300+ each. It would be very hard to say.

What is your most profitable (or popular) piece?

Currently, my most popular piece is the Bec + Bridge Hibiscus Islands Mini Dress. It has been hired out for the last 5 consecutive weekends. The Bec + Bridge Superfreak and Feline Mini dresses are also customer favourites.

Who is the most popular designer?

Bec + Bridge - they are certainly my personal favourite designer.

On average how many pieces do you rent on a weekend?

As a new business, I currently hire between 2-5 pieces from my collection each weekend. This is continuing to grow each week.

Who do you rent to?

My customer base is primarily girls aged 16 - 25 years. I prefer to hire my designer pieces to local Brisbane girls. I am located in the North Brisbane area and many local girls prefer to try-on and collect in person. I do offer Australia-wide postage – this allows more opportunities to hire and broadens my sales!

What’s your most popular size?

The majority of my collection is size 6 & 8 – this tends to be the most popular size of my customer base. This is my current size and I love to purchase garments I am also able to wear. I have a few pieces that are size 10 - 12 sizes and I am hoping to possibly expand my collection in these sizes in the future.

Why do you manage all your bookings through the High Street Runway app?

High Street Runway allows me to manage all my bookings in an easy-to-use app – their support team is very helpful if I encounter issues regarding late returns and damaged items. Their app allows external clients to download the app through a personalised link and simply book the item for their desired dates. The app has booking calendar functionality and a secure payment portal that protects myself and my clients. Their dashboard places all my orders in one organised section.

Have you encountered any issues when hiring your outfits?

During one of my first hires in March, I had an issue with a damaged item. If I had not used the HSR app to manage my bookings, the problem probably never would have been resolved. I wouldn’t have had the confidence or support to resolve the issue individually. The HSR team were very supportive and their terms and conditions are truly amazing to help protect all of my valuable items.

What is the best feature of the HSR app?

The best feature of the HSR app is the ability to have your own store and list all your items together as a small business. I also love the chat feature where we can discuss and organise everything needed for the hire - dates, pickups, location, postage and returns. Girls can find outfits they love and save them to their wish list to possibly hire them in the future. The entire app is just amazing.

Any tips for High Street Runway app users?

  • Protect your items – all HSR users agree to terms & conditions when signing up to the app. The risk of damaged items used to worry me however the app’s policies protect my valuable items that I adore. I recommend everyone process their hires through the app.
  • Use the search bar to search by designer, size, location to save money on outfits that you can hire instead of buy.
  • If you want to make a little extra money, hire out your outfits! It is so easy to list and manage bookings through the app.

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