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Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Get to know Sian a little better. She a powerhouse from the Sunshine Coast who turned her hobby into a successful business.

When/how did you get started with your rental business?

I started hiring out dresses in March of 2018. It started off as a little hobby on the side hiring out to my friends and I enjoyed it so I decided that I would start my own business up.

What was your motivation?

It's satisfying seeing woman/girls look and feel good in what they wear and knowing I made them feel like that is amazing.

How many pieces do you rent?

Around 3 - 5 per week.

What do you think your collection is worth?

Around $3k

What is your most profitable (or popular) piece?

The Alice McCall romantics jumpsuit,

Who is your most popular designer?

Eliya the label.

Who do you rent to?

Mostly girls from 19-30.

Any tips for other people wanting to rent their clothes?

Go for it because it is rewarding and fun at the same time, you get to build your wardrobe and make money out of doing so, making new friends is also a big part of it – I’ve formed so many new friendships with my clients and it is amazing! So if there was advice I could give it would be to just go for it!

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