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Short rental periods and quick returns mean more income. To avoid late returns we have a few tips:

  • Put your return requirements on each listing eg: I would like the item returned or posted back on the agreed date no later. 
  • Check the rental dates requested carefully and confirm them with the lender via our chat button
  • Dates can be edited on the customised booking page.
  • If you're shipping the item we strongly recommend using express bags and including a return bag and please use the Australia Post delivery calculator.
  • Include a copy of the 
  • Send a photo of the tracking number to the lender via our chat button 
  • Keep in touch with each other throughout the rental process. 

We've also got a customer care card you can put with the garment. Print it out and fill in the blanks and attach it to the hanger.

All information about the booking can be accessed in the dashboard.


When you get receive an order on the app you will get a NOTIFICATION. Please head straight to your DASHBOARD and find the order. We want you to CHAT with the lender about every order to confirm dates, delivery, and price. All of these can be changed by clicking the EDIT BOOKING tab. Once you've agreed, UPDATE AND ACCEPT the booking. Any part of the booking summary in blue can be modified including dates, price and shipping costs. The lender is then prompted to pay via our payment portal which means you are protected by our terms and conditions.

What happens if someone does not return your item or it is damaged? Our community is awesome but like anything, things can go wrong. We want to protect you and can only do that if you complete the booking on the app using our payment portal. We use PayPal and your customers can enter a credit card or use their account. Paying upfront locks it in for those dates and the money sits in trust with us until the rental starts. Ask the lender to press ITEM RECEIVED when they get it which triggers payment into your nominated bank account the next business day. Press ITEM RETURNED at the end of the rental and rate the lender. It's an important part of building a trusted community. We've got your back every step of the way.

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