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why you should pay through the app

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Key Points

  • Starting and finishing the booking through the app protects you by our terms and conditions 
  • Payment locks in the booking and reduces late cancellation and no-shows
  • The payment is held in trust with us until the item is delivered and marked as received
  • If the item is not delivered on time or is not as described a refund can be issued
  • If an item is damaged or returned late we can assist with mediation
  • If an item is stolen it will be reported to the police
  • Our payment portal is powered by PayPal where you can use a debit/credit card if you don't have an account.

We've got you covered every step of the way when you start and complete a booking through the High Street Runway App. We've built safeguards to protect both renters and lenders from fraud, theft and damage. We want your experience to be great, we want you to receive the item on time as described and feel confident your item will be looked after. Help us build a trusted community by reading the following.

Paying and keeping all communication on the App helps ensure that you're protected under our Terms and Conditions, payment terms, cancellation and refund policies and other safeguards: we need to know who you are, who you're renting to, booking details and order status. We can’t provide these benefits if your booking isn’t booked and paid for through the App.

How we help renters:

- our chat function allows you to get to know the lender so you feel confident with the booking

- you can edit all the details of the booking (dates, price and delivery costs) before you confirm the booking

- ask for payment through the app to confirm the booking, if they don't pay - cancel so someone else has an opportunity to book

- reduce the chance of cancellations and no-shows as once it's paid for we have the money secured in our account which will be paid to you once the item is received

- if something is not right you can cancel at any time and if needed we can issue a refund

- all details about the transaction are stored on your dashboard in the RENT/SELL icon

- if you have included a late returns policy in your bio and under the product description we can help you chase up late returns

- if your item is damaged we can assist with mediation

- if your item is stolen we will report it to the police.

How we help lenders:

- we give you the opportunity of choice where you can make as many booking inquiries as you like and progress the one which suits you best

- pay through our payment portal and if something goes wrong like the item is not delivered on time or as described we can issue a refund

- we have status updates to let you know what stage your booking all stored in the dashboard under LEND/BUY

- we have a star rating system so you can know who our trusted renters are.

We have inbuilt status updates so we know at what stage the booking is at. We store details of all our users and conversation on our secure server just incase we need it.

Paying or communicating outside the App is a strict violation of our terms and conditions. Safety is our number one priority and paying cash or externally makes it harder for us to protect your information and puts you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues.

Never pay for your booking outside the App as it may be fraudulent. Please report this to us immediately at

For more information please refer to our terms and conditions.

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