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Hello everyone,

My name is Cassidy Lawson and I am the face behind One Night Stand Clothing Hire.

On the 1st of April 2018, I solely decided to embark on a journey that in the space of four short months, has changed my entire life around! ONS is a home-based business, located in Hamersley, Perth, Western Australia. If the postcode (6022) is a little too far from you, no need to fear, we offer AUS wide postage here!

Over the past year I found that I had accumulated a large variety of beautiful high-end clothing, that didn’t fit into my over-flowing wardrobe and hadn’t been worn due to my lack of cocktail events. Now I definitely wouldn’t call myself a hoarder, but I couldn’t bear to part with any item because, “what if I WILL wear it?”

My collection had grown to over 20 gorgeous pieces when the thought finally hit me – I haven’t worn them, I can’t sell them, so why not hire them out to lovely ladies at a fraction of the price?! Because who really wants to spend $500 on a dress for it to only be worn once and spend the rest of it’s lifetime sitting in your closet collecting dusk!

One Night Stand’s collection now extends to 51 jaw dropping pieces, with many more arriving each week. A few of our most popular items are the - Alice McCall; Love Birds Dress (RRP $490), Rat and Boa; 54 Jumpsuit (RRP $295), Bec and Bridge; Chou Chou Dress (RRP $280) and the Alice McCall; Love Like Laughter Dress (RRP $340).

My collection ranges from size six to 12, with the most common being size 8. All items labelled 6 to 10, will generally fit an eight perfectly. My cliental shows no boundaries, as we are open to hiring outfits to anyone who is in need of a garment – my age range is based upon 16 to 35-year-old females.

Garments are set priced as I often offer specials/discounts during the weekend. Items do come with a bond to ensure the outfit is returned and undamaged. I do not include a dry cleaning fee, but if a piece requires professional cleaning, the cost of the service will be subtracted from the bond. The bond amount depends on the desired item.

During the four month period that my business has been up and running, I have only had two mishaps. One item was returned covered in red wine, and the other item was not returned. I do NOT take these circumstances lightly as I place a great amount of trust in my clients. However, both of these situations were handled in a professional matter, and will continue to be dealt with in the same way if it was to happen again in the future (fingers crossed it doesn’t!).

My fashion items are my pride and joy – it brings me immense happiness when I see the proud smile on a ONS doll’s face as they flaunt a ONS piece. I believe that my items deserve to be seen by the world, and I need YOUR help to do that!

I look forward to expanding my ONS empire with you.

Yours sincerely,

Cassidy Xo

You can find Cassidys shop on the app by searching her username OneNightStand

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