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melbourne, VIctoria, AU

Celeste runs O'Neill Attire which is one of our most successful shops. She started her business in May 2018 expanding her range from two pieces to 20 pieces in just six months. What a superstar!

How did you get started with your rental business?

Before O’Neill Attire I had originally owned a couple of designer pieces that I wore to special events. After I had worn these pieces I didn’t have the heart to sell them because I loved them so much, so I decided to start renting them out through advertising them on facebook. These outfits became really popular and that’s when I decided to start my own renting business.

What was your motivation?

I’ve always loved wearing and owning designer pieces and have also wanted to run my own business. Running a designer hire business provided the perfect opportunity for me to combine both of my passions. I know when I go out, I want to look and feel my best and by hiring out stylish pieces to other girls, and having them feel amazing in my pieces is so rewarding. Being able to provide high-end outfits at an affordable rate means that girls everywhere of different shapes and sizes can look and feel their best too!

How many pieces do you rent?

I currently rent out over 20 pieces and am constantly adding to my collection.

What do you think your collection is worth?

Being a bit of a shopaholic, I have bought a lot of pieces, with my designer wardrobe costing over $6000.

What is your most profitable (or popular) piece?

My most popular piece would definitely have to be the Natalie Rolt Bowie Set, shortly followed by the Manning Cartell clover lace dress.

On average how many pieces do you rent on a weekend?

I only started my business in May this year but have already gained a significant following, and this continues to grow. Currently I average about 4 pieces per weekend but it fluctuates based on events such as formals, balls, the races and other celebrations. Leading up to the racing carnival, there has already been an increase in bookings and I’m hopeful that my business will continue to grow.

Who do you rent to?

Any girls out there who are interested in the styles that I have to offer!

What’s your most popular size?

I mostly own size 6 pieces as this is my size and also tends to be the most popular. However, I have started to buy pieces in other sizes based on the requests from my followers and to have a broader range.

Have you had any problems? Item not returned or damaged etc?

I’ve been really lucky with renting out my clothes as majority of my clients have been respectful in keeping my pieces in good condition. I’ve only received one item back that was damaged and it was an easy repair.

Where is your client base? Do you post pieces?

I am based in Melbourne but I offer shipping Australia-wide!

Any tips for other people wanting to rent thier clothes?

Keep your prices affordable, good communication skills and keep your range up to date

You can find Celeste's shop on the High Street Rentals app by searching her username ONeillAttire

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