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Everything from securing a booking to making your listings pop!

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We are so excited that you have decided to list your stunning garments with us! It is because of you that users can rent beautiful pieces for their special occasion. We want everyone to have the best experience whilst using the App so we have compiled all our best tips and tricks to help your items pop!

  • Use keywords in the item description and the most relevant category

  • Check the competition to make sure your garment is priced competitively

  • Turn on your App notifications to stay up to date with booking enquiries

  • Communicate regularly with your clients

  • Keep the booking updated in real time by asking the lender to press item received and item returned buttons

  • Secure more bookings by staying competitive and keeping your items affordable

  • If the booking for your item falls through, click cancelled so that you can hire it out and make someone else’s night!

  • Use the payment portal to lock in your bookings and ensure your protection

Let’s talk you through what you can expect to happen when hiring out your outfits.

Securing a hire

When someone is interested in your listings you will receive a notification once they have placed an enquiry. Head over to your dashboard and find the order in the new booking enquiries section. Chat with the renter and confirm they order dates, delivery, and price. You can edit the details at any time if there are any changes to the booking. Once you have agreed, update and accept the booking, so the booking can be completed.

Protect your bookings

We want to protect you. By using our payment portal we can track your booking and mediate if there are any problems. To give you the best experience please follow our terms and conditions by keeping all payments on the App.

All our payments are directed offline to our payment portal PayPal. We hold the money in trust until the item is delivered and the lender presses ITEM RECEIVED. The money is then paid into your bank account. This allows us some time to refund if required.

We suggest you always take payments up front, even if requesting a try on. It provides some safeguards against no-shows. Refunding is really easy and we will do so without penalty to either party. It is also proven that people using the App take better care of garments as they know we're keeping an eye on it.

Disputes and mediation

We've had thousands of orders with very few issues and a 100% successful dispute resolution record. Here's why:

  • Starting and finishing the booking through the App protects you by our terms and conditions

  • We can see what stage the booking is at any time and access the chat on our dashboard

  • Payment locks in the booking and reduces late cancellation and no-shows

  • We can easily issue a refund to the lender at your request

  • If an item is damaged or returned late we can assist with mediation

  • If an item is stolen it will be reported to the police

  • We use PayPal which adds another layer of seller protection.

Taking payments offline

Arranging a transaction through the App and then taking cash or bank transfer is a strict violation of our terms and conditions as we cannot oversee the transaction. If someone insists on paying offline please let us know ASAP so we can remove them from the App.


We take a 10% commission so that we can provide you with the best service and connect you to thousands of users. Please work this into your listing price. We do not apply this fee to shipping costs.

Shipping and pickup

You can choose between shipping and local pickup. If you are SHIPPING please include a return postage price usually between $21- $28. We recommend you use Australia Post bags with tracking. Include the return bag with your item which is marked up with your return address and keep the tracking stub or create an account with Australia Post to track orders on the go.

Boost your listings

Promote your listings on your socials and tag us in your photos so we can regram them. Ask the renter to tag us in her formal photos so you can see how she rocked the dress and reshare the photo. You can also Email us through photos of your listings and we'll promote them on our socials. We prefer photos to be of real people wearing the outfits! We can also provide a custom URL link for your FB and Insta bios eg: - send us an email if you'd like one.


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