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Key points:

  • check the price of your listings
  • change the size to the one on the label
  • add in notes about styling and fit
  • update bio to include info about refunds and cancellations
  • retire outfits but changing from a rent to a sell
  • delete inactive listings
  • request custom links for socials.

Now is the perfect time to check your listings to make sure they are relevant and up to date. Scroll down for some tips with pics!

Check the price

If you have not had many booking enquiries (pre-corona) for an item, check the price as it may be too high. The easiest way is to do a keyword search on the App and compare the prices of identical items. If there are a lot of listings make yours competitive and if you can see that item has been rented, have a look at how they've presented the listing. We used Lolita as a keyword to find these results. You can easily see what others are charging and adjust the price accordingly.


Make sure the title includes the correct keywords to show up in the search bar. Most users know exactly what they're looking for so use the full dress name eg: Suboo Lolita Midi Dress.


Check the sizing, we have recently changed that to one option which has to be what is on the label. You can add extra information about size and fit into the description. This is also a good place to reiterate any specific terms and conditions you may have. Here are a few examples:

Garment care

Check the condition of the garments and if needed set aside for repair / extra cleaning. It's absolutely amazing what a good seamstress can do. Check seams, zips and hems and signs of wear and tear.

Retire outfits

Lots of people are buying at the moment with a trend to trade. You can change your outfits from a rent to a sell in a few clicks by editing the item in your dashboard. This will also automatically put you back at the top of the search results. Like all orders on the App you can edit the price if the price is negotiated.

Delete listings

Please delete any inactive listings. You can do this from your dashboard under manage products. We would love to have a true list of what is available on the App. Getting requests for outfits which are no longer available is incredibly frustrating to lenders.  


We know great photos make a difference. The best way is to take a picture of you in it showing the true fit. Use your iso to dress up and have a photo shoot. Grab a flatmate, sibling or parent to help. If this won't work have a look at our Instagram as most of our photos do really well. You can use these as your feature and then take some photos of you in the outfit to show off other parts of the outfit. Please only use stock photos as a last resort.

Work on your bio

We've increased the character limit so you can add in any specific terms and conditions you have like refunds and cancellations. More information is better than less. You are automatically covered by our terms and conditions, this is the place to add in anything extra.

Shared links

Let us make a custom link for you to put on your socials eg: We track how many downloads you get from this and reward with boosted Instagram posts and click through links on our App's home page.

We have a share icon on each listing and in your bio / profile. If you get an enquiry on your socials you can share that link so the lender can see the listing and if it's available. It's a great time saver. Prepare a note you can cut and paste your shop link and listings for easy reference.

We hope you are making the most of your downtime. As always leave a comment or drop us a line ... we'd love to help xx

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