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We track your booking every step of the way

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We know it's boring but we want you to know that we have built in lots of features which protect you when hiring on the High Street Runway App. The only way is for you to use our payment portal to lock in and progress the order so we can track it every step of the way. Furthermore, the owner will only be paid out if it has been delivered to your satisfaction and you press the "ITEM RECEIVED" button. We can immediately issue you a refund if it is delivered past the required date, is not as described or as requested by the owner.

How we help you:

  • Easy and fast access to outfits in your location, perfect for a last minute hires
  • We give you the opportunity of choice where you can make as many booking enquiries as you like and progress the one that suits you best
  • Get to know one another using our chat function and ask as many questions as you like how it fits and whether the owner offers refunds
  • The owner can issue a refund with one click
  • Use our trusted payment gateway PayPal for extra buyer protection, you can use an account or a card as a guest to check out
  • We have status updates to let you know what stage your order is at which can be checked at any time by looking at your DASHBOARD
  • You are in control of triggering payment to the owner so if it is not delivered on time or is not as described it can be refunded.

Owners are charged a 10% service fee which is worked into the price and is deducted from their payout so it does not cost you a cent extra to use our payment portal. In fact it is a strict violation of our terms and conditions for you to pay cash or take the payment offline. It makes it harder for us to protect you and puts you at a greater risk of fraud and other security issues. If someone asks you to pay cash please report them.

We're firm but fair and impartial when it comes to mediation. We have a 100% success rate and we know it makes everyone more comfortable knowing we have your back.

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