We love Lara. She lists her impressive wardrobe on the app and with rental prices starting at $20 per hire, she's kept busy. Her secret ... she keeps her costs down by only investing in clothes she can hand wash. She's super helpful, smart, beautiful and very sweet. She's the star of our latest campaign - scroll down to see her video xx

How did you get started with your rental business?

When I first started modelling and sharing photos from shoots, I received quite a few messages from girls who wanted to hire clothing I had worn. I realised that I could quite easily capitalize on items in my own wardrobe if I spent the time taking quality photos wearing them.

What was your motivation?

My motivation for hiring clothes came about when I no longer had the time to work a regular part-time job in my last year of high school, but I still needed some funds to sustain my shopping addiction – hence I started a business that combined both of these.

How many pieces do you rent?

20 at the moment but my collection is always growing, on average I add a new piece every month.

What is your most profitable (or popular) piece?

Probably my Zimmermann Golden Panel Bodysuit which is actually a one-piece swimsuit.

How much did it cost and how many times has it rented?

It was a $60 steal as I bought it pre-loved from a previous owner! I’ve rented it over 30 times before I started listing it on High Street rentals and have already received several bookings in the short time I’ve had it listed on the app.

Who is the most popular designer?

Ironically a lot of my most popular hire pieces are boutique purchases bought for under $100.

On average how many pieces do you rent on a weekend?

At least 3 items on a regular weekend then in excess of 10 for big events like races.

Who do you rent to?

Mostly girls my age for events like races, 18th’s and 21st’s in Brisbane, the coast and I post interstate.

What’s your most popular size?

Most of my items are a size 6/8.

How much money do you make on average each week?

On average somewhere around $100 a week.

Any tips for other people wanting to rent their clothes?

Make sure you have a bond/disclaimer on all of your pieces if you’re not hiring through a platform such as High Street Rentals. Hiring your wardrobe is an amazing way to get a bit of extra cash on the side of school/uni as well as meet some amazing likeminded girls but being aware of the risks will definitely maximize your experience.

You can find Lara's shop on the High Street Rentals app by searching her username LaraBerge

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