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Making Hiring Easier

We are always trying to improve our App so that we can continuously provide beautiful pieces whilst making it an easy and enjoyable experience. High Street Runway will be the very first rental marketplace to offer on the spot refunds. This means our users can now explore and rent with confidence knowing that if an outfit doesn’t work out you can have your money fully refunded. There is now nothing stopping you from trying on any dress that catches your eye!

Once you have enquired about a dress and the payment has been made it is held in a trust with us. During this time if the lender decides the dress wasn't as expected, or it did not fit or arrive on time, the owner can press the refund button and the money will be refunded onto the card that was used to pay for the item. A refund can only be processed before the item received button is pressed or by the last day of hire. Please note .... lenders must chat with the owner regarding their refund policy as some shops have a strict no refund policy. It's important to ask questions and shop around.

This new feature will also allow owners to lock in more try-ons as users can now easily be refunded if the booking doesn't work out. It also allows for contactless try ons for example: you may leave a dress out for a lender to take home to try on and if it is returned unsuitable in a few hours, it can be refunded. It provides so much more flexibility for rental businesses.

The request money button will allows owners to charge extra costs to users like late fees, extra cleaning fees, or the replacement value. This button will be visible at the completion of the hire. The lender is charged a 5% admin fee so it does not get taken off the owners earnings. We ask you to chat about why you are charging these fees and to photograph appropriate receipts.

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