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How to use the app and get the most out of your new wardrobe…

By Hannah and Essie

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Say goodbye to outfit repeating and endless scrolling through social media, with the app you will effortlessly be able to rent current on-trend pieces without breaking the bank. We want to show you some stand-out features that will help you get the most out of your experience while using the app!


If you know a specific person you would like to rent from, simply use the search by user function. Not only can you search by user but also event type, designer, colour and size.


Manage everything through the app dashboard. All your bookings and enquiries are recorded here and can be accessed in an instant!


To safeguard and keep our community amazing, you will be prompted to rate your rental experiences!


If you see something you love press the red heart which will place the listing in your wish list so you can find it later! We have a ‘NEW’ section that updates with new listings every day, check it regularly so you can claim latest arrivals!


It’s easier than ever to share outfit inspo with your friends! Click the icon and you can share by text, email, Facebook, Messenger or snapchat!


If the renter lives close by, ask if you can try on the item before committing to the booking. Alternatively, if the renter lives in a different city ask for a 24 hour rental to trial the outfit for an additional cost to cover shipping.


When paying for your item it is important that you communicate and pay on the app to avoid being scammed. By using our payment portal we can track your booking and mediate if there are any problems.


We use PayPal as our payment gateway which adds another layer of security. You can check out as a guest or with a PayPal account. We hold the money in trust until the item is delivered and money is paid out to the owner when you are happy with the item and press Item Received. We can refund without penalty if it is not what was expected.

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