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Ask for one, offer a discount, negotiate!

· Tips,COVID-19

Now is a great time to ask for a deal or offer one to your clients.

If you've seen an outfit that's just out of reach, don't be shy, ask the owner if they are flexible on price. Use our chat function to negotiate. Many are happy to do a bit better and you can lock it in by paying straight away via our payment portal.

Shop around for the best deal, more popular items have lots of listings. The easiest way to find them and compare is to use a keyword in the search bar. Add in some other fields to narrow it further like colour, size and location. We used "Bamba" and "green" to get these results.

You can make as many booking enquiries as you like and choose the one that suits you best. We insist on you using the chat function to discuss all aspects of the booking including cancellations and refunds so everyone feels comfortable.

If you rent your clothes on the App, you may like to offer a discount. In the booking summary page we have an option to apply a discount and it will be automatically calculated. Please note the discount will not apply to shipping.

This works very well if you'd like to promote this discount on your socials and if you take all your bookings through the App, we can also promote it on the home screen. Please email us if you're interested.

We've made the App flexible as we know your business needs to be too. You can adjust the length of booking, price, shipping costs and we've got your back with ID checks and our terms and conditions. It's a safe, secure way to share your wardrobe.

There's no harm in asking for a discount, they can only say no and now is probably the best time ever to share the love and offer a discount.

* This blog is part of the COVID-19 series. Everyone's having a tough time and our community is amazing. Let's support each other through it.

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