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Marilena runs Hire Empire Australia which is one of our most successful shops, gaining heaps of traction on the High Street Runway App. Since she listed with us a year ago she's had over 300 booking enquiries and grown her rental powerhouse to over 100 listings. She's smart buying "it" pieces , is super responsive and offers a try on service or express postage in Australia. If you're on your mobile click this link to see her shop.

How did you get started with your rental business?

I started off with a few Camilla pieces I got for my birthday one year and a few people were showing interest in them. From then I decided to start hiring these pieces out on the "For Sale" page on Facebook. It quickly became an addiction and I kept purchasing designer clothes.


What was your motivation?

To make some money in between being a full time student studying Interior Architecture.


How many pieces do you rent?

I rent around 100 items.

What is your most profitable (or popular) piece?

It changes almost every month but at the moment I’d say the most popular pieces are:the Mackenzie Mode Seeing Stars Mini, the Bec + Bridge Sorbet Summer Midi as well as the Zimmerman Corsage Embellished Set.

The Mackenzie Mode Seeing Stars Mini cost $450 and it’s been rented 6-7 times so far (relatively new piece).

Bec + Bridge Sorbet Summer Midi

The Bec + Bridge Sorbet Summer Midi cost $240 and (pre virus) was rented out every weekend since I’ve had it.

 Zimmerman Corsage Embellished Set

The Zimmerman Corsage Embellished Set is an investment piece costing $2000 and has paid itself off by renting at least 10 times.

Who is the most popular designer?

The most popular designer that I hire is definitely Zimmermann or Bec + Bridge.

On average how many pieces do you rent on a weekend?

I rent 10-15 pieces each weekend.

Who do you rent to?

I rent to anyone who contacts me through the HSR App interested in hiring. My typical customer would be young girls aged 16-24.

What’s your most popular size?

My most popular size is a size 8 although I stock a variety of sizes.

Have you had any problems? Item not returned or damaged etc?

Yes have had a few issues with items not being returned and damages, however they have eventually all been resolved. I'm covered by the Apps terms and conditions and know each user has to be verified which gives me extra security. I also know the HSR team will step in and help if I need it.

Where is your client base? Do you post pieces?

I am located in Brisbane and I am happy to post Australia Wide.

Any tips for other people wanting to rent their clothes?

Do it!! It’s a super easy and an effortless way to make some money even if you’re a busy person.

Fun Fact: She's considered a bit of a legend in the office holding the record for the most viewed custom link from her socials. The runner up has a third of her click rate.

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