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What is the High Street Runway App?

High Street Runway is a marketplace built for people to rent and sell their clothes. The more people who join up, the more clothes you have access too. So tell all your friends about it.

How do I join?

Download the High Street Runway app from the App Store or Google Play and browse as a guest or create an account.

What sort of information will you ask from me?
If you have a Google account, Facebook or Twitter you can tap the button and it collects all your details and creates an account for you. If you don’t you will be asked: – your name – your user name (which could be the same as your Instagram or Snap Chat) – your email address – to create a password – your birthday. Signing up only takes a couple of minutes. If you would like to make a booking or list an item you will be asked for ID verification.

How do I verify my ID?
You are asked to take a selfie and a picture of an ID (license, passport, uni/school ID) which will be matched using software. Please follow these steps:

Contact us via the ? icon on the App if you cannot get in after the second attempt.

How does the search button work?
You can use a keyword, price, type, designer, occasion or username narrow the search. If you need something quick, use the search button and refine it to what others have at your school or college or near your workplace. Please use the RESET button between searches located in the bottom right-hand corner.

Who can use the High Street Runway App?
You can only create an account if you are 15 years old or more. We've built the App to support people using social media to rent and sell their clothes. We add in a layer of security like ID verification and on time tracking. We've got extra features where you can search by location and school / uni. We're not the only rental marketplace but we are the only App and the only one which allows you to list what you like for whatever price you choose. All details can be negotiated.

How old do I have to be?
It’s been designed for 15 years and older just like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. If you are under the age of 18 we would like for you to show your parents or guardian the terms and conditions so that they understand how the App works.

Do I have to rent out my clothes to use the app?
No, you can just be nosy and see what’s around and it is ok to just be a lender.


How do I list an item to rent?
Press the upload item button and you’ll be asked what it is, what size, the category and how much you want to rent it for and if cleaning is free or an extra charge if dry cleaned. You can load up to five photos per item and great photos will make your listing shine. More info click here.


How does payment work? 

  1. Once you have agreed about the detail of the rental, you can accept the order which prompts the lender to pay. They will be redirected to PayPal and a confirmation notification will be sent to you. The booking status on your order will changed to paid. We hold the money in trust until the rental starts. 
  2. Once the item is picked up or delivered please contact the lender on via the chat and ask them to press ITEM RECEIVED on thier booking summary. This triggers payment to your bank account the next business day.
  3. If your booking status does not change to say you'll be paid shortly, please send the lender another message via the app chat function to remind them to click ITEM RECEIVED. 
  4. If you haven’t received payment by the end of the rental period please contact the HSR team through the Contact Us section under ? in your App dashboard and we will trigger payment. 

How can I check my payments?

You can check all your payments in the PAYMENT LOG located in your dashboard.

How do I start a shop?
When you sign up please use your shop name and logo. Make sure you fill in the bio with any refund/ late returns policies you may have. If you decide to open a shop make sure your name is your own and please don’t try to impersonate someone else, another member or shop ( e.g.: don’t call your self Princess Polly because you are not).

How should I describe my item?
The most popular was to search for an item is by keyword so please pop all the important info in the title eg: Zimmermann Lovelorn Frill Dress. Please use the size on the label and add fit and style notes in the description, for example, Zimmermann Dress - Size 1 (chosen when creating listing) It's a loose fit so could suit a size 8 or small 10 (as the description). Be as accurate as possible to avoid confusion. It is also really important that you add information about late fees and your refund/cancellation policy for each item.

How many photos can I use?
You can post five per listing and great photos are really important. Make sure your photos reflect your style and show off your product to its best. We recommend front, back and side shots and some of it’s best details. This may be a close up of the fabric or detail. A fully styled shot will also provide inspiration. Filters are fine, just make sure your photos look like a true representation of the colours.

What can I list to rent / sell?
Totally up to you. It does not have to be this season or designer, it can be anything you think our users would like. It's a great place for new designers to get some profile without expenisve web site set up costs. Keep in mind that our marketplace is for 16-24 year olds.

Can I list replicas?
Sure thing, just say it is in the description.

How much should I charge to rent my clothes?
Totally up to you and you will soon figure out if it’s too cheap (lots of enquiries) or too expensive (no enquiries). Most girls do 15% -20% of RRP depending on We’ve set out some guidelines if you would like to have a look.

Who pays for cleaning?
You do, please add the cost of cleaning into your listings price.

What is the replacement value?
We ask you to list a replacement value when you list your item in case it is damaged and needs to be replaced. If it’s brand new and you’ve only worn it once, it’s OK to put in the amount you paid for it. If you’ve worn/rented it a few times, it’s not fair to expect someone to pony up full price. Full replacement value should only be charged if your piece can no longer be worn.

I am an established Instagram rental shop, what's the best way to set up an account?
We suggest you mirror your Instagram shop's name, bio and terms and conditions. We are a marketplace connecting users and so how you run your business is up to you. We suggest confirming extra detail on the chat about refunds, returns and delivery with the lender so there is no confusion.

I have a website, can you help list my items?
Yes we sure can. We can do a bulk upload from an excel template, contact us for more info.

How do I cancel a booking?

What are the stages of the booking?
We track bookings every step of the way: Booking Enquiry, Accept, Pay, Item Received, Item Returned, Review and Rate. Make sure you have notifications turned on so you don't miss any booking requests. The status is located under the Booking Summary and above the items picture and will change at each stage of the booking.

What kind of notifications do you send?
PLEASE turn on your notifications as we send you status reports for all stages of the bookings. We only send notifications about your order.

What happens if someone damages my outfit?

Please note that as your garment ages it will get general wear and tear. It is not fair to ask the last lender to pay for repairs which may have been incurred over time.

What are the charges for using the App?
Obviously, you will need to be connected to wifi to use the App. Downloading and creating a profile is free. Looking is free. Booking is free - when you get paid out we deduct a 7.5% service fee on the hire cost (excludes shipping, it is fee-free) to cover our bank fees and reinvest in tech.

Why do I have to use the messenger tab?
We want you to keep all the communication between the borrower and renter on our message platform. This is so we have a record of how you came to your arrangement in case there is mixed communication. We also never want you to give your mobile number out for security reasons.

Can I take a booking outside the app?
We keep a record of your messages in case there is a dispute. If we find you have been contacted about a rental on the app and then taken it offline, we will not be responsible for what happens.

Can I pay with cash or do a direct bank transfer?
No, it is a strict violation of our terms and conditions for you to pay cash or take the payment offline. It makes it harder for us to protect you and puts you at a greater risk of fraud and other security issues. If someone asks you to pay cash please report them.

How does shipping work?

Whether or not you ship your items is totally up to you. If you are uncomfortable sending your items please tell the lender and cancel the order. We recommend you use Australia Post and include a marked-up return bag which is signed so the lender has to simply put it in a post box. You are not charged a service fee on the shipping component of the booking cost. Please keep copies of the tracking numbers. Once you lodge the item with Australia Post they are responsible for delivery. Please note that you can take out extra insurance on an item with Australia Post to ensure safe delivery which is recommended if your item is of significant value.

How do I add a shipping price to the booking?

  1. If needed, the lender can choose shipping as the delivery method when placing an order. They have the option of using the address on file or adding in a new one. Please confirm these details via the chat function.
  2. Please add in a return shipping price which includes a marked up bag which can be lodged at the Post office or placed in a mailbox by the lender at the conclusion of the rental.
  3. Please include the return bag in the package and take a photo of both the tracking numbers. We have a customer card you can print and include in the package with the return date marked up.
  4. Once you have posted the item please send the lender the tracking number for the incoming package via our chat function. At this point please remind them to post item back at the agreed date.
  5. Track the return post bag with the tracking number and if it hasn’t been posted please continue to chat with the lender.
  6. If your item is returned late and this impacts on the next rental please contact us via the ? icon on the Apps dashboard.

How is the best way to manage try ons?
Many lenders will request a try on and you do what works best for you. We recommend you accept the booking and get payment for the booking to guarantee they show up as expected. If it doesn't work contact us via the App and we can issue a refund. Postal try-ons are very common. We suggest you send express bag on Monday and include a return bag marked up so they can pop in the post box the next day. If you feel they have worn the garment please contact us straight away.

What is safe drop and how do I accept it?

We would like you to discuss a safe point for drop off and pick up and this button is just a reminder. Please EDIT the booking, click the button and press SAVE.

What parts of the booking order can I edit?

We are very flexible and allow you to change the dates, price, shipping and you can even offer a discount. Press EDIT then SAVE before you ACCEPT. You can edit this section as many times as you need to but once payment is made the booking is locked in.

Are there any benefits of taking all my bookings on the App?
YES more and more people are exclusively renting through our platform. People take more care when renting with us as they know they are bound by our terms and conditions. We have booking calendars, cashless payments and ID checks which add an extra layer of security. Talk to us about how we can help grow your business.

How do I keep my bookings in order?
Use the dashboard to see all your bookings. The status of each one is under the booking summary on each entry. This will change as the order progresses. Please cancel any which aren't going ahead to keep your current booking enquiry section neat and tidy.

I'm going on holiday can I turn my listings off?
Yes we have a holiday mode in the profile section of the App where you can choose dates which will mark all your items as unavailable. This means you won't be interrupted with inquiries while away.

How does the booking calendar work?
When a booking is paid those dates are blocked out on that items calendar. You can adjust the dates of the booking and we recommend you add in extra days on either side if you are shipping. We like you to manually add in other dates the item is unavailable to avoid lender disappointment. It's very simple.

I'm not getting any enquiries, what am I doing wrong?
The price is probably a bit high. It's an open marketplace so have a look around to see what people are doing with similar listings.

How can I promote my listings?
Savy girls promote their listings through Instagram and Facebook and push the transaction to the App for extra security. We love seeing you and your clients in your outfits, please tag us or email them to us.

What is the best way to contact us?
Please send us a message via the App. The link is in the help/profile section.


How do I lend an item?
If you see something you like, check the calendar to see if it is available and if it is, contact the renter through our chat function and discuss drop off and pick up. Once you have this sorted, the renter will accept the order and you can pay.

What is a shop?
There are thousands of Instagram hiring shops and we are built to support these businesses. Shops tend to be very responsive and reliable as they have done it many times before. Please check out their bios and ask about their refund and return policies.

Who do you use as your payment gateway?
We use PayPal as our payment gateway to pay for bookings. You will be redirected to their site where you can check out as a guest and use a credit or visa debit card to pay or you can sign in with your PayPal account.

How does the payment work?

  1. Once the renter accepts the booking you will be asked to pay which will block it off on the booking calendar. When you press PAY NOW you will be redirected to PayPal. The money is held in trust until the item has been delivered to you
  2. Once you receive the rental please inspect and try on. If you are happy press ITEM RECEIVED on the booking summary. This triggers payment into the renters nominated bank account.

What are the charges for using the App?
Obviously, you will need to be connected to wifi to use the App. Downloading and creating a profile is free. Looking is free. Booking is free. You are not charged any fee to use the App.

Why do I have to use the chat tab?
We want you to keep all the communication on our message platform. This is so we have a record of how you came to your arrangement in case there is mixed communication. We also never want you to give your mobile number out for security reasons.

How long can I rent an item for?
Totally up to you to negotiate with the owner.The dates and prices can all be edited by the renter before you pay for the booking.

Can I take a booking outside the app?
We keep a record of your messages in case there is a dispute. If we find you have taken it offline, we will not be responsible for what happens.

Can I pay with cash or do a direct bank transfer?
No, it is a strict violation of our terms and conditions for you to pay cash or take the payment offline. It makes it harder for us to protect you and puts you at a greater risk of fraud and other security issues. If a renter asks you to pay cash or transfer please report them.

How does the drop-off and pick up work?
The App is designed for you to be able to lend something close by and heaps of shops will post to you. Please discuss the best way to get your item on the chat function. You can use the location tool to search close by or see who is hiring at your school or uni.

What is safe drop?
We insist and remind you repeatedly to never ever, EVER drop off and pick up from someone's house you don’t know. We ask you to choose a public meeting point like the mall, shopping centre or school. To press the button please edit the booking, click the red button and press save.

Can I request a try on?

Sure, use our chat function to discuss what works best. If local, the renter will request for you to pay for the booking to lock it in, but we can easily refund if it does not work. If it requires shipping you will be charged for return postage.

What is a delivery method?
When placing an order you can choose between pick up and shipping. The renter can toggle between these two if you change your mind.

Who's responsible for cleaning?
Usually the owner but if you would like to double-check, use our chat function when making the booking.

The item is not as described, what can I do?

  1. Please contact the renter to discuss a return and refund via our chat function.
  2. The renter will then contact us to issue us a refund.
  3. If you are unable to negotiate with the renter please contact the HSR team through the ? icon on the App dashboard.

What happens if I return the item late?
This is really annoying to the renter as often they have back to back bookings and need to get the item professionally cleaned. The dates you agreed to are on the booking summary and you will be reminded via notifications. You may be liable for late fees.


What if I accidentally damage an item I have rented?
Sometimes accidents happen no matter how careful you are. Always be honest and contact the owner as soon as you can with photos. They will most likely want it returned so they can organise their own repair. In all cases, it is a privilege to be using someone else’s clothes so treat with the utmost care.


What if I have to cancel a booking?
Sometimes plans change or it is not quite right, which is OK. Please get in touch with the renter or lender via the chat button and see what you can sort out. It is totally up to the owner as to whether or not they approve refunds, please ask what their policy is when placing an order. We deliberately hold the funds in our account just in case

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