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Courtney owns Dusk Till Dawn Dress Hire and just loves her business. See what motivates her ... it's pretty impressive for a 17 year old. You can see her gorgeous range of formal gear by searching for Dusktodawn on the High Street Rentals app.

How did you get started with your rental business?

I started my business last year in March when I was 16 and in my final year of high school. I was looking for my own formal dress and went to a few hire boutiques which sparked my interest in starting my own. I wanted to keep hiring prices affordable for everyone interested in designer dresses because I know the struggle of how expensive they can be. Especially if you get invited to multiple formals or have multiple events throughout the year. I wanted to help my clients save as much money as possible whilst still getting to wear a dress they love.

When did you start Dusk to Dawn Dress Hire?

I began as Courtney Stewart Dress Hire- @csdresshire, then decided I wanted to come up with a name that wasn’t involving my own. I then started with Dusk Till Dawn Dress Hire in February 2018.

What was your motivation?

I just love being in charge of when I work, how I run things and what I do with my business. I love the idea of being in control and making the decisions and at the end of the day that was my motivation. I used to work in a normal job like every other teenager, but I absolutely hated it and found it so boring and I’m so glad this is what I’m doing now.

How many pieces do you rent?

I currently rent 27 pieces, however this number is always chopping and changing due to whats in style.

What is your most popular piece?

Definitely my studio minc midnight Jadore and Gemeli Power Las Lasciiv Gown. They are both very popular pieces and I love them.

Who is the most popular designer?

Definitely Studio Minc.

On average how many pieces do you rent on a weekend?

It’s hard to say because sometimes I can go 2 weeks without renting an outfit and then other weeks I can have 7-8 formal dresses go out on the same day. It just depends on when the formals are on.

Who do you rent to?

I rent to everyone. My main age group of renters is 16-20-year-old females. I find this is because of school formals and University balls. I have had renters who are much older though and I hope to have a dress to suit everyone.

What’s your most popular size?

I’d have to say between size 6-8. That’s the sizes I stock most of just because it is what I constantly get the most hires from.

Where is your client base? Do you post pieces?

Definitely Brisbane and surrounding suburbs like the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. I do post pieces Australia wide for extra though.

Any tips for other people wanting to rent their clothes?

It’s all about patience and keeping up with what’s in style. If you have a dress that isn’t getting hired as much, SELL IT and buy new stock that is in current season. Current season pieces are always great to have when they first come out before other hire companies or people get them and rent them out first. Number one tip though is definitely be patient.

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