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How this extraordinary event impacts bookings on the High Street Runway App

· COVID-19

Key points

  • discuss refunds and cancellation policies when making a booking
  • pay through the App so we can easily refund 
  • if requested, refunds will be issued up to 48 hours before the booking start date if these policies have not been discussed in our in-app messenger service.

With mass gatherings and many events being cancelled, we think it's only fair to introduce some guidelines which will make you feel confident about using the High Street Runway App.

These are extraordinary times and this pandemic will effect everyone. Ideally we'd like to strike a balance between our renters still earning an income and users being able to plan for an event but have the ability to cancel if they need to.

Firstly we would like everyone to discuss refunds and cancellations when making a booking using our in App messaging service. It will be the owners responsibility to clearly state what their policy is, some users have strict rules like no refunds, store credits or date changes and others are more flexible. If users are not comfortable with the booking, shop around by placing requests with other renters. There are many who will be happy to offer refunds.

If the booking is approved PLEASE pay through the App, do not take it offline. We hold the money in trust until the item is delivered giving us the ability to easily refund if needed.

If refunds and cancellations are not discussed we will assume the owner has a flexible policy and if requested, we will refund up to 48 hours before the rental start date. Please be sure to add in extra days for shipping if needed. Dates can be easily adjusted on the booking summary page, even after it has been paid for.

We will include extra information in our SMS service reminding renters to discuss refunds and cancellations every booking.

We're so proud of the way our users connect and this is certainly a time to support each other.

As always, please get in touch if you need to as we are always happy to help

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