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A few tricks to lock that booking in fast ....

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Key Points:

  • The quicker you respond the more likely the order is completed
  • Have your notifications on so you can respond to enquiries / messages 
  • Get back to the lender ASAP 
  • Move the booking along by confirming delivery
  • Edit the booking and accept it 
  • Ask for payment to lock the booking in making the listing unavailable to anyone else.

We've watched thousands of orders and know how to convert a booking into a paid rental. It's surprisingly easy, just respond quickly while the lender is actively on the App. We know this is not always possible but leaving it days to respond nearly always results in the lender finding something else.

The number one thing to do is HAVE YOUR NOTIFICATIONS TURNED ON!!! We send you info about every stage of the booking so you know exactly where it's at. It would also be a good idea to make sure your customer has them on too so you are confident about getting updates in the chat.

When you get a booking enquiry most lenders have already left a note in the chat ready for you to action for example:

Is this available?

Instead of responding with "Yes" try

"Yes it sure is and those dates are available. I see you've selected postage which is $25 and includes a return bag would you like to lock it in?"


"Yes it sure is and those dates are fine. I see you've selected pick up would you like to try on?"

If they haven't started the conversation you should and confirming delivery is a great starting point. Other things to discuss are fit, refunds and returns. Be very clear about what you expect.

Once you've settled on the detail on the chat, click the number at the top of the order which takes you to the booking summary. EDIT THE BOOKING to change dates, price, shipping costs, address and discounts. Press SAVE and ACCEPT BOOKING. The lender will then be asked to pay which locks it in. Put a time limit on it or let them know that it will still be available for someone else to book if they do not pay.

ALWAYS ask for payment before they collect. Never ever hand over an item or post an item which has not been paid for. We highly recommend asking for pay for bookings before try ons which guarantees them turning up and eliminates no shows. If you need to refund it's only one click from us and easy to do. Refunds are penalty free for both parties but can only be approved by the owner. Contact us via our help button on the App.

Notifications can be enabled in your phone settings. If yours are turned on but you don't think they're working properly you can reset them by toggling them on and off. Please don't think we are going to annoy you all the time with them - we won't. We send notifications when:

  • you get a booking enquiry 
  • you get a message
  • the rental is accepted and paid for
  • the start and finish date
  • the ratings and reviews can be completed.
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