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ISO Collaborations

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We're getting heaps of collaboration requests which is fantastic. With no-where to go there are literally thousands of un-rented outfits to be photographed/ videoed in. We're busy matching renters with users who are creating fresh content for their own socials and ours. It's a brilliant excuse to dress up and dream of the party at the end of Corona.

We had an ISO shoot recently with Shelby and Grace modelling outfits from Hire Empire. They chose some pieces they were coveting and another Gracie (boss of our Instagram) suggested a few pieces we did not have strong photos of. Here's a few, the rest will be rolled out over the next few weeks. If you're on mobile click the photo to be taken to the listing on the App.

Bec + Bridge Seraphine Mini
Manning Cartel Gelato Spot Mini
Bec + Bridge Tommy Set
Georgia Alice Sublime Mini

If this looks like your kind of thing, have a look at the High Street Runway App and save outfits you like to your Wishlist by clicking the heart top right hand corner. Contact us via the link below and we will match you with a renter. Once you're hooked up you can request agreed outfits on the App and we will have them sent or delivered to you with a return bag. What content you create is totally up to you - we have Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube. Our only requirement is for you to send us what we can use on our socials and tag us when you use it on yours.

If you're a renter and would like some fresh photos taken we'd love to hear from you too. Please include your username and list the items you'd like photographed when you email us.

Our Instagram is busier than ever with well over 100k views a week. We think everyone is hopeful. Hope to hear from you xx 

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