• Introducing the very gorgeous Bea Tynan! One of our very first High Street Runway (HSR) models, we spoke to Bea about her journey with us and how she is taking over your Instagram feed!


    Tell us a little bit about how you came to work with HSR?


    "I was originally approached by HSR at the beginning of 2019 to check out the app and I’ve genuinely used it ever since! I would say that for every birthday or event I’ve had in the last 3 years I have gone onto the app to find an amazing outfit, and have always been successful! The variety is honestly unmatched and there are always new prices being added which I love! I also use the app to get inspiration for outfits to wear when I take new content for my Instagram as I can really see what’s trending! Funnily enough, HSR has had a big influence on my journey into content creation on social media. I think it was also in 2019 when I did my first content shoot for the app and it really kickstarted my love for posting content on Instagram! From here I grew more confident and started to go out of my way to take pictures, not just when I was going out or with my friends."


    How is the content creation going for you?


    "So during Covid, I started working with individual users on the app to get images for both their pages and mine (as no one was able to really wear the pieces out and about) and was really able to build up my Instagram and how I wanted it to look at the time. As I was taking all this content, I was eventually approached by Supre in April of this year (2021) and scored my first brand collab! This was a huge moment for me and I was so excited to be working with such a well-known brand which is quite rare for a first collab.


    From here I was noticed by other brands and am now working with quite a few, some of them being Princess Polly, Saski Collection, Lahana Active + Swim, Peppermayo, and Universal! I have also recently just signed for a modeling/talent agency known as Everi Body Management whose mission is to have men and women of all shapes and sizes seen in the modeling industry, and they are truly amazing! All of this has happened in such a short amount of time and I am super excited to see what the future holds for me!"


    What are your biggest tips for capturing great Insta content?

    - Find a couple of mutuals to take content with as your friends and family will definitely get over it very quickly 😅 these mutuals will also know what kind of content is trending and you will help each other grow! You can make really beautiful friendships which these people - I have made a whole group of friends and I love them all!!

    - Build your Instagram up before you approach brands. This is in terms of aesthetics and content quality. As I don’t have a big platform, I get to work with big brands as they like the quality of my content! Followers don’t equal brand deals.

    - Research what’s trending but still be yourself!!

    - Do content days! I go to the Gold Coast weekly with a friend to take photos so we always have photos to post.


    Bec and Bridge Agatha Dress

    Bec and Bridge Feline Mini

    Bec and Bridge Clover Set Apple

    Natalie Rolt Olympia Midi Dress

    Seraphine Plunge Midi Dress

    Miaou Campbell Corset 

    Sir The Label Alexandre Dress

    Sir The Label Celena Wrap Dress

    One Mile Santorini Dress

    Bec + Bridge Janice Set 

    Dion Lee Lace Pocket Corset

    Jonathan Simkhai White Ribbed Midi

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