Sometimes accidents happen no matter how careful you are. Always be honest and contact each other via our chat button as soon as you can.

    1. Please take photos on your phone immediately.

    2. Please contact the other party via the app chat service and discuss further action. Please add in the photos.

    3. Most items can be fixed with extra dry cleaning or repair. Please take the item to your preferred cleaner and or tailor and get a written quote.

    4. Please send quotes to the lender and request money as they may be responsible for any extra costs incurred to you.

    5. Most issues can be sorted out easily but if you need us to step in please contact the HSR team via our chatbot.


    Replacement value: We ask you to list a replacement value when you list your item. If it’s brand new and you’ve only worn a few times, it’s OK to put in the amount you paid for it. If you’ve worn/rented it multiple, it’s not fair to expect someone to pony up full price. For example, if you’ve worn or rented this item more than five times. Holly has a $200 dress and she’s worn it four times and rented it for $20 three times she might put a replacement value of $140. Full replacement value should only be charged if your piece can no longer be worn. The exception to this is if the dress is sold out or a collector's item where it may cost more to replace. The easiest way to figure out fair value is to do an online search and see how much similar items are selling for. It's absolutely OK to negotiate this with one another.


    Repairs: It’s amazing what a seamstress / dry cleaner can do to get your garment party-ready again. You should make friends with your local dry cleaning store and make them your first stop if something goes wrong. They can fix buttons, tears in the seams, stains and smells. If you lend a garment that requires any extra cleaning or fixing, you can ask the lender to pay for it but it must be organised by the renter. DON'T TRY TO DO IT YOURSELF - because we all like doing things our own way.


    Keep all communication transparent - take photos of the damage on your phone (so it's date and time stamped) and keep copies of any repair/cleaning receipts.


    In most circumstances, this can be sorted out with the renter and the lender but if the transaction has been made on the app and you would like us to meditate, please contact us via our chat bot.


    For more information about Refunds, Cancellations and Returns click here

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